Why is it important for local governments to have good cyber security you might ask?  

According to Georgia’s 2019 cybersecurity report, two thirds of all cyberattacks were on local government systems.

So why is it important for local governments to have cyber security?

Georgia ranks #3 in the national for information security, serving as one of America’s elite cybersecurity hubs,  and 35% of the global security market can be found in the state. But how do you, as a business owner, decipher which security company is best for your business? The effectiveness of cyber security is all dependent of recruiting, training and quality of talent.

In our years of experience, we have noticed three major problems local governments face when dealing with unreliable IT service:

  1. There are insecure remote desktop configurations, and lax network security policies that allow hackers easy access to critical resources.
  2. Passwords and network credentials are being traded on the dark web for nearly every local government agency we’ve assessed.
  3. Many local governments do not have a single IT vendor/solution, yet resources and networks are shared by most, if not all departments.

These scenarios lead to a lack of accountability for ensuring that ALL resources are adequately protected.  We know you do your best to serve your city, so let us do what we do best: protect you and the information you are responsible for from cyber criminals and data breaches.

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