Apple recently released an update to their iOS and iPadOS devices that reportedly patches an exploit by spyware creator NSO Group. The spyware affected the iPhone and iPad iMessage applications, specifically targeting journalists and activists.

“The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto reported discovering the zero-day, zero-click iMessage exploit—which the research group says was used by NSO Group to infect a Saudi activist’s iPhone with its Pegasus spyware.” (CRN).

Israeli firm NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware is sophisticated software designed to gain unlimited entry into your device.

“Pegasus gives its government customers near-complete access to a target’s device, including their personal data, photos, messages and location.” (Tech Crunch). “Citizen Lab said the zero-day flaw — named as such since it gives companies zero days to roll out a fix — took advantage of a flaw in Apple’s iMessage.”

Apple credits the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto for pinpointing the breach.

“‘After identifying the vulnerability used by this exploit for iMessage, Apple rapidly developed and deployed a fix in iOS 14.8 to protect our users,’ Krstić said, commending The Citizen Lab for its work that enabled Apple to ‘develop this fix quickly.’” (CRN).

Average users need not be alarmed. The spyware cyber-attacks were likely centralized to a few specific individuals. However, it would be wise to update your device to version 14.8 as soon as possible.

“‘Attacks like the ones described are highly sophisticated, cost millions of dollars to develop, often have a short shelf life, and are used to target specific individuals. While that means they are not a threat to the overwhelming majority of our users, we continue to work tirelessly to defend all our customers, and we are constantly adding new protections for their devices and data,’ said Krstić.” (Tech Crunch).


If you have not already, please update all Apple devices as soon as possible.




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