Florida was allocated $30 million this year for cybersecurity funding, yet none of it has been spent, according to the Tampa Bay Times.  


“That means millions for training, threat assessments, infrastructure hardening and software remain on hold seven months after his office requested the money.” (Tampa Bay Times).  


According to Florida’s chief information officer Jamie Grant, the lack of spending is due to his office being too short staffed. (Tampa Bay Times).  


“Since taking over, Grant has lost two chief information security officers, the chief data officer, the enterprise architect, the chief operations officer and half of the state’s new cybersecurity team.” (Tampa Bay Times).  


Grant requested the funds from Congress for cyber-security efforts in March.  


“In March, Grant submitted a $30 million request to implement the recommendations, including $672,000 for cybersecurity training, $3.2 million for a Cybersecurity Operations Center and $320,000 to buy an ‘incident tracking tool.’ 

He got what he asked for. Lawmakers unanimously passed House Bill 1297, The Information Technology (IT) Security Act, which enacts task force recommendations and provides blueprints for ‘first-of-its-kind investments in cybersecurity.’” (Center Square).  



This revelation is not good news, considering the increasing number of cyber-attacks taking place not only in Florida, but across the country. 


“The state’s licensing agency was brought down by a cyberattack last year, and at least 58,000 unemployment recipients had their personal information stolen by attackers this year.” (Tampa Bay Times). 


It is essential that vacancies are filled, and efficiency is increased, for the wellbeing of all Floridians.  


“The departures and vacancies very clearly are impacting Florida Digital Service’s ability to achieve its mission,” he said. “All Floridians need him to succeed because the issue of cybersecurity and protecting Floridians’ data is of utmost importance.”  (Tampa Bay Times).


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