Parents now grew up with social media. Their parents might not have known the dangers lurking in the brand new technology, but parents now are more aware than ever of what the possibilities are if a child gets too deep online.


“Kids may latch onto connected-tech quickly, but that doesn't mean they know how to use it safely without guidance from the adults in their lives. Given that there was an 85% increase in online attacks(Opens in a new window) involving account login and registration details last year, it's clear that it's time to start teaching basic online security rules in school and at home.” (PC Mag).


With kids accessing the internet younger and younger, it is important to be teaching kids cyber hygiene.


“A study from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education (prepared by Shugoll Research) shows younger kids are accessing the internet in large numbers, either by cell phone or a tablet. The study showed that "[a]bout three in 10 students" have used the internet in ways their parents wouldn’t approve and 21 percent of children have visited sites where they can chat with strangers.” (Super Parent).


Parental controls are helpful, but not a complete solution to the problem.


“However, parental control software cannot teach kids how not to fall for scammers chatting them up on random Discord servers or how to spot and avoid common phishing attempts via chat, emails, or direct messages. Some parental control software may detect social media conversations that are getting too heated. Still, I haven't seen any that can successfully identify an online scammer hoping to bilk money, credit card numbers, or other personal information from a child via an in-game chat system. Until schools start teaching kids how to live their lives online safely, it's up to parents to take charge of the situation and educate children about cybersecurity.” (PC Mag).


The most important thing to do is to make sure kids are aware of the dangers and what to look out for.


“Teaching our children about the risks they may face and how to avoid them is one of the most important steps we must take to ensure their safety, both online and offline. Just like when we take our kids to the playground to play and socialize, where we assure and support them from the sidelines, we can introduce them to social media while being present to help them learn how to play safely.” (Super Parent).


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