Your client’s information is extremely important and confidential. 

 Are you sure you’re protected from a phishing email or computer hack?

Hackers look for two types of sensitive data. Financial information and confidential disclosures. That’s right, a law firm is basically a hacker’s playground. Law firms notoriously accrue extremely sensitive information from their clients. While employees are increasing the amount of time they work from home, the security of networks and information systems are at risk. Not to mention, if something does go awry, your company’s money, time, and reputation is on the line.

So what do law firms usually do to maintain the integrity of their IT systems and networks?


It’s a dangerous way to operate a small business full of sensitive data but it’s the truth. Businesses believe they are invincible or too far under the radar to be a target. The problem is that an increase in working remotely has increased risk to exposure of hackers who are evolving constantly. More businesses are being shut down from data loss, ransomware, and poor reputations now than ever before.

This is not a joke.

This is reality.

Can we give you a statistic? 1 in 4 Law Firms were hacked in 2019.

1 in 4!

And that number is rising.

Not only that, 36% of law firms have contracted malware and viruses on their computer.

And that number is rising.

We don’t want to say this to scare you. What you need is a cyber-security strategy for your business.

Don’t know where to start? You don’t have to. Just sign up here for a quick, 10-minute phone call to assess your network security.



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