A Raleigh, North Carolina, based voice over Internet protocol company named Bandwidth recently underwent a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber-attack, preventing the company from providing its services.


“A DDoS attack, or distributed denial-of-service, is a flood of fake requests and traffic to a company's website or service. The requests can overwhelm a company, leading to normal users being unable to access its services, according to CompTIA, a nonprofit trade association for the information and technology profession.” (Government Technology).


Bandwidth provides many essential services that can cause serious damage if interrupted.


“Bandwidth is one of the country’s largest providers of VoIP technology, which helps companies connect phones and messaging to customers over the internet. The company provides key services that make phone calls possible on platforms like RingCentral, Google and Zoom. It also helps many 911 emergency services handle call traffic.” (News & Observer).


According to the News & Observer, the Raleigh-based company apologized for the disruption in services.


“While we have mitigated much intended harm, we know some of you have been significantly impacted by this event. For that I am truly sorry,” Bandwidth CEO David Morken said in a statement. “You trust us with your mission-critical communications. There is nothing this team takes more seriously. We are working around the clock to support your teams and minimize the impact of this attack.” (News & Observer).


Bandwidth was not the only VoIP company that was affected by the DDoS attacks.


“Canada-based Voip.ms and England-based VoIP Unlimited also saw their call services disrupted by a DDoS attack, the tech publication ArsTechnica reported. The perpetrators of the attack against VoIP.ms demanded that the company pay 100 bitcoins, or around $4.2 million, to stop the DDoS attack." (Government Technology).


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