If you’re having trouble finding and using a good and reliable password manager, but you already use Microsoft Authenticator as two-step verification, there is a way you can use Microsoft Authenticator as your password manager. 


“Microsoft Authenticator can generate, store, and apply passwords at websites via an autofill feature. Beyond supporting iOS, iPadOS and Android devices, the autofill option works in the desktop flavors of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge via an extension.” (ZDNet). 


Since there are a multitude of softwares and browsers that can be used, there is a multitude of ways to set up this process. 


“The app can sync your website passwords in Edge on iOS/iPadOS and Android devices and in Chrome on your desktop via an extension; fill in your passwords using Microsoft Autofill; secure logins with 2FA; and import passwords from other services.” (PC Mag).  


The first step is to make a Microsoft account, download the app, and assign it as your password manager. 


“Once the account has been created, you can install Microsoft Authenticator from Apple’s App Store (Opens in a new window)or Google Play(Opens in a new window). Once the app is installed, you need to appoint it as your device’s password manager. Go to Settings > Passwords > AutoFill Passwords on an iPhone or iPad. Check the entry for Authenticator. If Keychain is checked, you’ll have to uncheck that as well.” (PC Mag).  


You can import your passwords from Chrome, a CSV file, or you can manually insert them. 


“Of course, you can also manually add a new account to the app. At the Passwords screen, tap the + sign to add a password. Then type the URL, username, and password for the website account you want to add. When done, tap Save.” (ZD Net). 


Importing your passwords can also be super simple. 


“With Chrome, you can import the passwords directly. Open Chrome on mobile and go to Settings > Passwords > Export Passwords, then tap Export Passwords. Choose Authenticator as the target. Return to Authenticator to see the imported passwords.” (PC Mag).  


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