Layered cyber security suggests a system of cyber defenses that layer on top of one another to create a multidimensional protective shield.


“A layered cybersecurity approach involves using several different components in your strategy so that every aspect of your defense is backed up by another, should something go wrong.” (Impact).


With multiple avenues of protection, there are multiple benefits to layering cyber security measures.


“In isolation, it is doubtful that any layer will provide sufficient network protection. However, by combining them, their aggregate efficacy is enhanced. Each layer provides an extra degree of security; therefore, the greater the number of levels, the more difficult it will be for attackers to penetrate your network. With enough functional layers in place, one should restrict a hacker's access.” (ISSquared).


Not updating your cyber security systems could result in catastrophic breaches. With layers of protection, this is less likely to happen.


“Hackers and their attacks are always changing to beat the latest cybersecurity technology which means old techniques, strategies, software, and other tech can quickly become a vulnerability point once it’s gone beyond its lifespan. With a layered security approach, you have multiple lines of defense to keep your business secure so that one piece of outdated tech doesn’t bring your entire system down. This gives you time to adjust, find new solutions, and implement them before it becomes a major problem.” (Impact).


Compliance with regulations is another issue with not implementing layered cyber security and another reason to implement layers to your cyber defense.


“Many compliance regulations require layered security elements for data protection and data privacy. Not having these in place can make your business noncompliant and risk fines and other penalties.” (Impact).


Therefore, layered cyber security improves overall security and business mechanisms.


“A multilayered approach to security provides a hostile environment for potential invaders. The strategy is to make sure that the attacker must struggle with many security mechanisms that overlap so as to prevent him reaching his target. Even if attackers breach one area of protection, they will be stopped in their tracks by other measures.” (ISSquared).


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