Data encryption can get tricky pretty quickly. Understanding the difference between data protection in transit versus data protection at rest can make or break your encryptions. Below is a simple breakdown of each with the best methods for encrypting each specific type of data.  


In transit: 

In simple terms, data in transit is data that is moving from place to place. It is not stationary within one device. “An example of data in transit is information transferred between a remote user’s mobile device and a cloud-based application. If the data is transmitted in plaintext and not encrypted, it can be compromised by malicious actors. Valuable or sensitive in-transit data should always be encrypted.” (Digital Guardian). Encrypting data in transit is especially important considering the vulnerabilities that come with being in transit. 


To encrypt data in transit, consider consulting with a technology professional.  


At rest: 

Data at rest is stationary. The data is staying in one place and is not in transit. “Data at rest is information that is currently not moving between two points and is safely stored on a computer or device. As soon as a user attempts to transfer any of these items over the network, they become data in transit.” (Digital Guardian). Encryption is still important in protecting data at rest, although there are less vulnerabilities than with data in transit.   


To encrypt data at rest, also consider consulting with a technology professional. 


In conclusion, encryption is crucial to data protection whether in transit or at rest. Learn more about cryptography here: 


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