The holiday season is a beautiful time full of love and family, however, it is also a vulnerable time where cyber criminals are likely to attack.


“It’s the season of sharing but thieves want to take that “sharing” way too far. There are cyberterrorists that hope you are so excited about taking time off for Christmas that you’ll let your guard down. The 12 days from Thursday, December 22, through Monday, January 2, present the greatest opportunity for cyberterrorists throughout the United States and across the globe.” (Fort Worth Business). ‘


There are many prevention methods one can use to promote cyber hygiene.


“Know your risk. Admitting that you have a problem and seeking help will help win the battle. Implement systems to protect yourself such as security awareness training. This includes two-factor authentication on everything (and no password of abc123). Don’t let your guard down because hackers don’t take holidays off. Holidays are their busiest and most fruitful time.” (Forth Worth Business).


Removable media can be very risky, however there are methods to decrease vulnerability, starting with protecting physical devices.


“As well as understanding the risks your employees need to know how to use these devices safely and responsibly in your business. There are numerous reasons a company would decide to use removable media in their environment. However, with all technologies, there will always be potential risks. As well as the devices themselves, it is important your employees are protecting the data on these devices. Whether it's personal or corporate, all data has some form of value.” (U Secure).


Speaking of physical devices, don’t leave physical data around for just anyone to happen upon, such as passwords.


“If you're one of those people who leave their passwords on sticky notes on their desk, you may want to throw them away. Though many attacks are likely to happen through digital mediums, keeping sensitive physical documents secured is vital to the integrity of your company's security system.” (U Secure).


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