Companies need to invest in and bolster cybersecurity efforts in order to keep up with the threat landscape. 


“Today’s rapidly changing macro environment combined with the demands of an evolving threat landscape makes this the perfect time for company building. Now, businesses that did not satisfy needs will no longer survive, while those that do will thrive.” (Help Net Security).  


Investing in cybersecurity will not only improve protection against cyber-attacks, but also increase efficacy.


“As well as developing soft skills and training in cloud computing, organizations can protect against security threats by improving cybersecurity training throughout their workforces. Security events often target human behavior through social engineering and phishing campaigns. By improving cybersecurity training for individuals across industries and job categories, organizations encourage a security-first culture where security is part of everyone’s job – regardless of their role or position level.” (World Economic Forum).  


Everyone should work together to create a secure environment, including governments, education, health care, and a multitude of other industries.  


“Developing the global cybersecurity workforce also requires partnerships with leaders across the public sector, including local and national governments, non-profits and academia. Governments should foster collaboration by creating forums where the public sector and industry can work together. Diverse perspectives will help encourage innovation in cybersecurity talent development.” (World Economic Forum).  


Together, we can improve the threat landscape and protect our industries from cyber attacks.  


“While the number of security threats continues to increase, we can be better prepared to address them by training today’s workforce in soft skills, cloud computing and security awareness. Stakeholders across the public sector and industry should also work together to create more pathways to cybersecurity careers. Together, we can develop the global cybersecurity workforce, build a stronger security-first mindset and make the world safer.”  (World Economic Forum).  


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